Aluminum Pergola

Aluminum Roof & Pergola

Sun When You Want It. Shade When You Need It.

Motorized Pergola System

Can easily be designed to “fit” pre-existing structures. (e.g., wood, aluminum, steel, etc.)
Can be designed to fit any shape you may need. (e.g., hexagon, curved edge, octagon, etc.)

  • Extend Your Indoor Living Space To A Patio Or Deck
  • Watertight When Closed
  • Opens And Closes With The Touch Of A Button
  • Remote control operation
  • Can be connected or assembled endlessly
  • Can support ceiling fans, heaters, speakers, etc.
  • 100% extruded aluminum
  • Can control the sun and rain
  • Lowers deck & patio temperatures by 15-20 degrees

The Benefits of our Patio Covers

  • Lowers patio and deck temperatures by 15-20 degrees
  • Controls the amount of sun, shade, or light in your home
  • 15-30% savings on your homes utility cost
  • Protects your patio and deck furniture
  • Remote controlled motorized operation is standard
  • Add value to your home and aesthetic appeal
  • Allows for cooling through ventilation of airflow
  • Creates a beautiful backyard oasis of shade

Technical Support

  • Complete International Building Code engineering
  • Custom sizes
  • Custom designs

A Great Outdoor Dining Solution

Create a relaxing and beautiful outdoor dining environment your customers will enjoy. You can control your comfort with the simple touch of a button.


  • Wind Load: Up to 182 mph
  • Live Load: Up to 40 lbs. per square foot
  • Weight Per Foot (does not include support structure) 1.87 pounds

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