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Reasons to incorporate awnings into your design

Aesthetic Appeal:  As architectural elements, awnings can alter the mood, color and ambiance of an area. They can transform a drab building into one with elegant character.

​Affordable:  Awnings are inexpensive elements to add to a business or home. Fabric awnings provide an affordable way to improve curb appeal and building functionality.  Awnings save you money with energy use.  Awnings are generally quicker to install and get your space functional

Identification: Awnings can become signage adding letters and and graphics.

Energy Efficient:  Awnings shade interior rooms and cool exposure of the window. 

Awnings can reduce the inside temperatures by as much as 8 to 15 degrees depending on the of window, color of the fabric and the style and method of awning attachment.

Changes Easily:  The fabric covers of most awnings can be exchanged easily and awnings can be removed without affecting the structure beneath.