Fabric structure in Milwaukee, WI.  This fabric structure is used as a band shelter to provide a visually interesting area at Kadish Park in Milwaukee, WI.

Culver's restaurants promote their locations with their signature blue awnings. Each new restaurant calls on Baraboo Awning to make their buildings stand out and reflect their corporate style. These awnings are durable and practical and make it easy for customers to find them.

These custom poolside cabanas were created for Mt Olympus Resort in Wisconsin Dells to provide guests with a private location to relax by the pool.  

Perkins Restaurants use awnings to provide a special brand and make their restaurants stand out so that customers can find them easily. Baraboo Awning can custom design awnings for each individual restaurant while still maintaining their brand identity.

Marine Covers by Baraboo Awning


The products offered by Baraboo Awning fall into 3 categories:

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