blue vinyl

Lateral Arm / Retractable Awnings

  • Resemble traditional awnings except they rarely have fabric ends.
  • May be retracted by way of a manual crank or an electric motor.
  • May be equipped with a wind and sun sensor and will be automatically retracted or opened based on weather conditions.
  • Rely on a spring tensioned set of arms that hinge like scissors to extend or retract the fabric from a roller tube mounted on the building.
  • Are easy to install and provide relatively in expensive shade over a limited area.
  • Are susceptible to strong winds and rain because there is no support at the front of the awning.  Lateral arm awnings must be retracted during bad weather.
  • The mechanisms are very durable and have few mechanical failures.
  • Very popular in Europe – due to Europes higher fuel costs people have chosen awnings over air-conditioning for shade and cooling.  
  • Accent their architecture and are considered fashionable.  Lateral arm popularity continues to increase in the United States.


retractable fabric awning