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Industrial Sewing

Our fabric cutting and sewing department is capable of both short run and high volume production. Custom fabric design items as well as OEM fabric products are manufactured on a regular basis.

In our 20,000 sq. ft. facility, we specialize in working with businesses and startup companies to make prototypes and other special projects.  We provide creative design and development from concept to completion.

CNC Fabric Cutting Services

Industrial Sewing

Baraboo Awning has a Gerber DCS 2500 automated cutter. We can rapidly cut numerous fabric pieces, drastically reducing your labor times and maximizing the use of the material. Digitized patterns assure that every little cut-out or indention in the pattern is precisely cut to your specifications.

Pattern changes can be easily made with CAD files rather than having to create a new –and expensive -hard template. We know that professional grade results start with precision cut pieces.