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Fabric & PVC Welding

Baraboo Awning is one of only a few Midwest manufacturers that offers fabric welding. The advantage of welded fabric seams versus stitched fabric seams is that they last longer and are more water resistant.

At Baraboo Awning, we have many options for making the perfect welded fabric seam.

  • Radio Frequency bar sealer – for high precision welding
  • Hot Air welding – this high performance welder is our fastest and most precise welder for long straight seams. It has a large range of welding capabilities built to fit any application. 
  • Roll feed hot air welder for heavy duty utility vinyl welding
  • Track wedge welder is a small, portable, and powerful welding tool. 

Let us know what you need welded, and we are glad to recommend the ideal process. fabric welding