Awning frame details and facts

Here are some details and facts about awning frames.

Design – Any shape or size awning  which can  be designed can be built.  Cut, bend, weld and upholster

Frame Materials – In order of current industry use:  Aluminum, Steel, stainless steel,  brass, wood,  copper.  By far, the most common is aluminum and steel.

Frame Materials Shapes – In order of use:  Square, round, rectangular, flat bar, angle, channel.

Frame Construction –  Cut, bend, weld, fittings, connectors, screws, and bolt together to attain and ship any shape. 

Frame Fabrication Connections – In order of use:  Weld, telescoping tubing sizes, bolt through, bolt to.


TODAY, if you can design a shape, the awning industry can build the frame and upholster it!