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Awning & Canopy Fabric Guidelines

Compared to materials of the past, fabrics today offer a wide range of characteristics and functions.  

Materials include films or foils, woven or knit fibers, and performance specific coatings and finishes designed to meet stringent code standards.  

Fibers include glass, high density polyethylene, polyester, or expanded PTFE using coatings and finishes of silicone, Teflon or vinyl.

Base material depends on composition but most fabrics start with woven based yarns. These fabrics can be used as is or can be laminated or coated to improve characteristics. Some of these improved characteristics may be Formulations for flame retardancy, UV resistance or colorfastness.  

Top coats can also be applied for extra protection, increased performance, and life. Life spans of fabrics can range from 5 to 30 years.

Downloadable Awning Fabric Resources

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