Autonomous Tent Co Glamping Tent Fabric

About Autonomous Tent Co.

The Autonomous Tent Co. was originally founded by Phil Parr to create the world’s first transportable 5-star boutique hotel that would be located in secluded natural locations for a season at a time. The hotel would be completely powered by the sun and wind and utilize the most advanced water filtration and composting technology. Our commitment to landowners and land conservancies was to “leave without a trace.” 
As we began designing our hotel, we gradually realized that we were creating something bigger. We were creating a new form of architecture that would allow us to enjoy the most beautiful places anywhere in the world without destroying our delicate ecosystems. We love seeing the evolution of an idea and simply shifted our focus from creating a transportable hotel to the Autonomous Tent. 



Autonomous Tent was looking for a complete “start to finish” fabric manufacturing company that specialized in converting 3D CAD drawings, creating 2D fabric cut files, and then manufacturing with CNC cutting and sewing.   They found that right here in Baraboo, WI.   



Our experienced CAD department used the supplied 3D CAD files to construct 2D fabric files.  Using our CNC fabric cutting machine, we cut and sewed the panels together to construct a 600 sqft fabric tent. Install was a snap and it fit “Like a Glove!”   


  • Hundreds of colors to choose from
  • Flexible materials
  • Shipping is a breeze
  • Affordable