Fabric structure in Milwaukee, WI.  This fabric structure is used as a band shelter to provide a visually interesting area at Kadish Park in Milwaukee, WI.

Culver's restaurants promote their locations with their signature blue awnings. Each new restaurant calls on Baraboo Awning to make their buildings stand out and reflect their corporate style. These awnings are durable and practical and make it easy for customers to find them.

These custom poolside cabanas were created for Mt Olympus Resort in Wisconsin Dells to provide guests with a private location to relax by the pool.  

Perkins Restaurants use awnings to provide a special brand and make their restaurants stand out so that customers can find them easily. Baraboo Awning can custom design awnings for each individual restaurant while still maintaining their brand identity.

Marine Covers by Baraboo Awning

Fabric Awnings

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Fabric window awnings add beauty and elegance to any home. Protection from the elements, cool shade, and less fading of furniture and flooring from harmful UV sun rays make window awnings both a beautiful and functional investment. With over 45 Sunbrella patterns and colors to choose from we are sure you will find just the right one for you. Fabric awning frames are made of rustproof aluminum and can be powder coated in a vareiyt of colors that will never rust. 

Aluminum staple channel is a popular option for attaching the fabric to the frame. Once the fabric is laid over the frame it gets stretched and clamped onto the frame. It is then fastened to the frame with staples inside the channel. Once the enitre piece of fabric is secured, a small piece of vinyl trim called welting is inserted in the channel to finish the look of the awning.  The awning is now ready to be installed.









Graphics can be applied using our Sunbrella Graphics System and 3M high preformance vinyl films. 3M films are pressure-sensitive films optimal for stationary applications. Available in a variety of colors, these films are covered by a limited warranty.

SGS Thermal Digital Print Film is a thermally activated film recommended for superior adhesion and durability in non-static applications such as umbrellas, pop-up tents, boat tops and covers, and other applications where a more flexible film with a superior bond is required. This film is also an optimal option when applying digital print graphics to the film is desired.

How it works

The SGS 100 Graphics Machine is a compact unit consisting of two primary components: a vacuum system and heat source that create a secure bond between the Sunbrella fabric and the film.

First, Sunbrella fabrics are placed inside the unit on a flat surface. Then the film is positioned on top of the fabric. After the top of the unit is secured, the vacuum system pulls the fabric and film tightly together while heat lamps bond them together. The automated controls eliminate guesswork and assure high-quality, consistent results every time.

This revolutionary, cost-effective process allows you to create repeatable, multicolor graphics, striping and complex logo displays quickly with no minimum fabric requirement. Because SGS is so easy to use, it requires minimal training for certification, and like Sunbrella fabrics, the system comes with the best limited warranty in the business.