Awning Resources

Definition of an awning, canopy and retractable awning.

Reasons to incorporate awning into your design

A brief history of fabric awnings

Awning frame details and facts, steel, aluminum, tubing sizes, trussing

Awning fabrics, covers: Vinyls, woven fabrics, acrylics, cottons, polyesters, mesh fabrics, Teflon coated fiberglass

Awning frame attachment to buildings, ground and other.

Retractable Awnings / Lateral Arm Awnings

Graphics applications, ink, vinyl adhesive, heat transfer, eradication, digital

Underside ceiling systems, egg crate, fabric, mesh fabric

Illuminated Awnings / Internal and external lights

Engineering considerations, wind, rain and snow loads, live loads,dead loads footings and cables.

Permits and codes, technically required for all awning and canopy.